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Internship for the Research Unit Pigs, understanding protein efficiency in pigs, PigEff4.0
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Date de publication15.06.2020
Numéro de référence5'853'242
Domaine d'activité
Recherche/ Développement
Lieu de travail***CH Suisse/ Schweiz/ Switzerland***, 1725 Posieux
Expérience professionnelle réquisenon
Diplôme universitaireMaster
Brève descriptionYou characterize the feeding preference of efficient and normal pigs.
80 - 100% / 1725 POSIEUX (FR), SWITZERLAND

Good food, healthy environment
One preceding experiment on the evaluation of growth performance and dynamic in empty body nutrient deposition of grower finisher pigs revealed that approximately 30% of the pigs fed a diet limited in essential amino acids and crude protein can cope with these limitations (Ruiz-Ascacibar et al., 2016). These findings are relevant as they reveal a great potential for genetic selection of "protein efficient pigs" (PEG). It was estimated that if such a selected line could be established in Switzerland, the use of soy protein could be markedly reduced or pig producers could renounce to use it at all in grower finisher diets for pigs (Stoll et al., 2015). We want to test here if some pigs rather eat spontaneously a diet reduced in protein content when both reduce and normal protein content diets are offered ad libitum. We will also assess if this behavior correlates with the protein efficiency. In addition, total and protein digestibility will be investigated to try to understand the metabolic basis of the protein efficiency.

- You characterize the feeding preference of efficient and normal pigs.
- You test new refined technics to evaluate apparent digestibility
- You supervise the animal phase and you perform digestibility analyses comparing traditional and innovative technics.
- You participate to the animal experiment
- You perform digestibility and statistical analyses
- You interpret and discuss the results as part of the writing of the workpractice manuscript

- Student (bachelor or master) or graduate (
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