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Machine Learning Intern
Entreprise:Teralytics AG, Employeur direct
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Description du poste↓Profil de l'employeur↓
Date de publication14.03.2020
Numéro de référencePas d'information
Domaine d'activité
Informatique/ Développement de logiciel
Lieu de travail***CH Suisse/ Schweiz/ Switzerland***, 8005 Zürich
Expérience professionnelle réquiseoui
Expérience professionnelleJunior Professional (1 à 3 ans d'experience)
Diplôme universitaireMaster
Brève descriptionWe are looking for a smart and passionate graduate student with a strong background in machine learning and an interest in human mobility to join our team in Zürich for a 6-month internship at the intersection of machine learning, statistics, and computer science for spatio-temporal data.
Description complèteYour role
In this role you are a member of the exceptional Data Science team of Teralytics, consisting of specialists in machine learning, statistics and computer science. You will be working on a cutting-edge R&D topic in human mobility, producing your own innovative solution to the research problem.

You will have the opportunity to manipulate large amounts of anonymised, geo-located human movement data in conjunction with diverse open data sources and proprietary data insights. You will build on top of proficient in-house data processing pipelines and access a high-performance computing cluster. Along the way you will benefit from the guidance and support of our multidisciplinary data science team.

Research problem
Prototype an algorithm that identifies trip segments by mode of transport from noisy human spatio-temporal traces. Assess Monte Carlo methods like particle filtering and Bayestian network methods (HMM, long short term memory RNNs) while focusing on a practical and scalable design.

Your journey
During your first three weeks you will learn about the data and algorithms of Teralytics, understand the research context and conduct a thorough state-of-the art review. You will get an understanding of our technology platform and the ways we process large amounts of data while protecting people’s privacy.

Two months after joining the company, you will be in the midst of implementing your own machine learning approach to detect trips and modes of transport. You will already have picked up new skills in data science and software engineering by working closely with experts in the field.

At the end of six months you will have completed and benchmarked your prototype, further expanding the Teralytics capabilities in human mobility analysis. While at it you will have gained valuable experience in spatio-temporal data, stochastic processes, and graphical models.
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