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Graduate Program in Cyber Security
Entreprise:Richemont International SA, Employeur direct
Adresse:Chemin de la Chênaie 50, 1293 Bellevue, ***CH Suisse/ Schweiz/ Switzerland***
Numéro de téléphone:+41227213426
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Description du poste↓Profil de l'employeur↓
Date de publication06.07.2019
Numéro de référencePas d'information
Domaine d'activité
Informatique/ Développement de logiciel
Lieu de travail***CH Suisse/ Schweiz/ Switzerland***, 1293 Bellevue
Expérience professionnelle réquisenon
Diplôme universitaireMaster
Brève descriptionYou always wanted to understand what Cyber Security in a global Business context means. You are looking for a corporate function that has a transversal view on other business functions, as for instance Finance, Logistics, Distribution, Retail and Technology. Do you want to learn why Cyber Security does not necessarily require deep technology knowledge?
Then join our team and apply today for our graduate program!
Description complèteOur graduate program will expose you to different aspects of Cyber Security ranging from more technical aspects, like Security Incident Response & Forensics to Business & People related matters supported by Cyber Risk Management.

The program will be divided into three parts:

• CSIRT Primer with Cyber Operations & Technology
• Applied Machine Learning & AI with Threat Intelligence & Data Analytics
• Business Threats & Opportunities enriched with Cyber Risk Management

CSIRT Primer with Cyber Operations & Technology

You will apply your analytical skills to dive into security events from all over the world and discuss with your peers on how to respond to them. You are going to learn what a Triage is in Cyber Security Incident Management and apply the knowledge you gain into action when you work on defining operating procedures for our Cyber Security Incident Response Team. An introduction into Forensic Analysis will round-up this deep-dive into Cyber Security operations.
Working with our Red Team you will gain a view into our Application and e-Commerce world by getting to know the arts of Penetration Testing on both classic applications, as well as Mobile Apps.

Applied Machine Learning & AI with Threat Intelligence & Data Analytics

The technology stack in Cyber Security is mainly creating visibility and provides data to determine the security posture and threat landscape. When working with the Cyber Security Data Scientist, you will get an understanding on how to apply Machine Learning to improve Operations, Visibility on Cyber Risks and Threats and you will discuss on how additional use cases can further improve the delivery capabilities of the Cyber Organization. At the same time, you may enrich the Group Data Analyst community with your thoughts and insights.

Business Threats & Opportunities enriched with Cyber Risk Management

When working on the business strategy and identifying opportunities, Cyber Security is more and more relevant to enable our Group to adequately manage our Cyber Risk exposure. Based on your learnings from the Cyber Security Operations and the visibility on Cyber Threats, you will work on assessing the actual risk exposure of the Group services and solutions. You will investigate Third Party Risk Management to learn and understand on how external service providers can influence business operations.
Together with the Senior Security Architects, you may discuss the definition of security controls and measures when introducing new topics, like Blockchain, Cloud Services or similar.

All this will take place in the wider context of our Group Security function allowing you to get a view on the wider aspects of working in a corporate Security context.

We are excited to work with you in our Graduate Program.

Please apply here: https://career5.successfactors.eu/sfcareer/jobreqcareer?jobId=11618&company=richemonti&username=
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