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Terms of Use for Jobseekers

This document states the Terms of Use under which jobseekers may use the job platform JobsForBrains, which is jointly managed by the EPFL Career Center and A3 EPFL.

1. Description of Services

JobsForBrains provides free access to a variety of information and services for jobseekers, including job advertisements and company profiles. 

Registered users may additionally and inter alia:

upload different documents,

make their profile visible to employers,

apply online to job advertisements and

activate job alerts. 

All services on JobsForBrains are subject to these Terms of Use. 

2. Registration

When registering with JobsForBrains, you will be asked to create an account and provide JobsForBrains with some personal information. Your personal information will only be used for the fulfillment of the services provided by JobsForBrains. Under no circumstances personal information will be given to any third party unless you explicitly gave your permission by checking the respective check box in your profile to publish your personal information to those employers that are registered on JobsForBrains. This permission can be withdrawn at any time by making the respective change in your profile. In case you want to stay anonymous to registered employers, make sure you upload an anonymized CV.

3. Eligibility

Only EPFL students, graduates and alumni are admitted to create a jobseeker account on JobsForBrains. Your eligibility will be checked within five working days from registration. You will be informed by e-mail on the release of your account provided that you are eligible.

4. Use of Content

JobsForBrains may be only used for lawful purposes by individuals seeking employment and career information and by employers seeking employees. By creating an account on JobsForBrains you commit to enter information representing the truth only. The EPFL Career Center reserves the right to delete information or profiles not corresponding to the intention of JobsForBrains or going against public decency, ethics and morals at any time. You further agree to not misuse or divulge any content appearing on JobsForBrains and to not copy or adapt the source code of JobsForBrains.

5. Disclaimer

In principle, the services of JobsForBrains are available around the clock 365 days a year. However, The EPFL Career Center does not warrant that the site will operate error-free. Moreover, the Career Center can’t be held responsible for any data loss caused by any failure or error nor improper use of the JobsForBrains-platform.

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