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When checking 'Show my personal information to employers' which information do employers see?

First of all, only employers which are logged in and therefore are registered on JobsForBrains can access your personal information. The EPFL Career Center checks the eligibility of every employer that registers on JobsForBrains before giving access to the candidate’s profiles.

When logged in employers see your first and last name, address, phone number and e-mail address, your photo in case you have uploaded one, as well as your information on your current job (if applicable) and on your job preferences.

How can I keep my anonymity?

There are several measures to take to keep your anonymity:

Do not upload your photo in your profile.

Do not check ‘Show my personal information to employers’ in your profile.

When you upload a document which you want to make visible to employers under ‘My Documents’ in your account make sure you upload an anonymized document (without your personal information on it). Furthermore do not give it a name containing your first and/ or last name.

If you only want to stock documents in your account and you do not want to make them visible to employers make sure to deactivate your documents. You can decide for every document individually if you want it to be activated or deactivated.

How can I activate a job alert?

To activate a job alert you have to login to your account. Enter your search criteria under ‘Job Search’, give a name to your alert and click on ‘Save as alert’. You can access and delete your job alerts under ‘Job Alerts and Saved Searches’.


How can I keep/ archive expired job offers? How do I manage a job slot?

You can deactivate obsolete job offers or if you would like to suspend them for a certain time. If you want to stock your job offer for later use, do not delete them. If you suspend job offers you can reactivate them at any time for the period of the remaining days.

If you are managing a job slot, make always use of the activation/ deactivation functionality and do not delete it.

How do I publish a job offer for two months?

If you want to publish your job for more than 30 days, you have to purchase two or more job offer credits (every job offer credit lasts for 30 days). Publish your job offer for 30 days, then go back to ‘My Job Offers’ and click on ‘Renew’. Another 30 days will be added to the publication period.

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