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Job Posting Packages

Buy multiple job postings at once and save up to 40%. Job postings you buy now can be used without time limits. The job offers are published for 30 days. To publish a job offer for more than 30 days one or several additional job postings have to be purchased (e.g. publication for 60 days = 2 job postings required). 

These packages are not transferable and can only be used by the employer who purchased them

Post your job offers on jobsforbrains.ch (EPFL) and eth-gethired.ch (ETHZ) at the same time

  • Simplified access to EPFL and ETHZ graduates
  • Post your job offer only once and get a single invoice
  • Discounted price compared to posting your offer on each platform separately

EPFL only

1 job posting

CHF 400.-

CHF 600.-
2 job postings
CHF 720.-

CHF 1'080.-
3 job postings
CHF 1'020.-

CHF 1'530.-
4 job postings
CHF 1'280.-

CHF 1'920.-
5 job postings
CHF 1'500.-

CHF 2'250.-
6 job postings
CHF 1'680.-

CHF 2'520.-
8 job postings
CHF 2'080.-

CHF 3'120.-
10 job postings
CHF 2'400.-

CHF 3'600.-

Annual Slots

The job posting slots give you the full flexibility to rotate job offers as often as you want during the year. You can easily and independently change the content. 

1 slot
CHF 2'400.-
2 slots
CHF 3'840.-
3 slots
CHF 5'040.-
4 slots
CHF 5'760.-
5 slots           


All prices without VAT (7.7%)

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