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Terms of Use for Employers

This document states the Terms of Use under which employers may use the job platform JobsForBrains provided by EPFL. Legally binding is the French version of these Terms of Use, published on JobsForBrains at the moment of purchasing one of its services.

1. Description of Services

JobsForBrains provides employers with products and services to recruit EPFL graduates and alumni. These services include but are not limited to: 

publication of job advertisements,

publication of advertisement banners and

access to the candidate’s profile database. 

All services on JobsForBrains are payable and subject to these Terms of Use. To use any of them the employer must register beforehand with JobsForBrains. By registering on JobsForBrains the employer accepts these Terms of Use.

All job offers proposed on JobsForBrains must require an academic level equivalent to that of an EPFL graduate. With the publication of a job offer on JobsForBrains the employer commits not to publish more than one job description at the same time and to publish only jobs that are available at the time of publication. In particular, any generic offer as well as links to other job boards, hosted both on company internal and external sites, are forbidden. 

Furthermore, any reselling of services, CV’s or information obtained on JobsForBrains to any third party is forbidden. Different subsidiaries of a same company need to hold separate accounts to make use of JobsForBrains. EPFL institutes systematic proceedings against any employer abusing these rules and reserves the right to suspend or cancel its access to JobsForBrains.

2. Prices

The ruling prices are communicated on www.jobsforbrains.ch at the moment of purchase. Prices can be subject to change at any moment.

3. Payment Conditions

Invoices are due 30 days after the invoice date. In case of non-payment, EPFL reserves the right to disable any posted job offer and/ or advertisement banner and to block access to its services. In such case, the employer has no right to any monetary or other type of refund, or to any loss of gain compensation. In case of a second reminder, an interest fee of 5% will be charged in addition to the amount owed. 

4. Registration and Password

When registering with JobsForBrains, the employer will be asked to create an account and provide JobsForBrains with some personal information of the recruiter in charge. The personal information of the recruiter will only be used for the fulfillment of the services provided by JobsForBrains. Under no circumstances those personal information will be given to any third party other than registered jobseekers accessing the employer’s job offer. By contrast, the employer’s company information will be visible to unregistered visitors as a part of its job offer. The personal information of the recruiter and the company profile can be changed any time in the employer account. 

The employer is responsible to maintain the confidentiality of its account, in particular of its username and password. The employer agrees to immediately notify EPFL in case of any unauthorized use of its account. EPFL declines all responsibility in case the employer fails to do so.

5. Eligibility

Employers recruiting EPFL graduates and/ or EPFL alumni are admitted to create an employer account on JobsForBrains. Every employer registration is subject to validation by EPFL before any account activation. The employer’s eligibility will be checked within five working days from registration. The employer will be informed by e-mail on the activation of its account provided its eligibility. EPFL reserves the right to refuse activation without justification.

6. Use of Content

JobsForBrains may be only used for lawful purposes by employers. Employers must use the service for recruitment purposes only.  By creating an account on JobsForBrains, the employer commits to enter information accurate and representing the truth only. EPFL reserves the right to refuse any order and to delete information, profiles or job offers not corresponding to the intention of JobsForBrains or going against public decency, ethics or morals, at any time.

Employers working with JobsForBrains commit to use the platform in strict compliance with the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) and the Federal Law on Placement Services ‘Loi fédérale sur le service de l’emploi (LSE)’.

Employers having had access to candidates’ CVs via JobsForBrains commit to obtain their personal agreement in case they want to keep those documents outside of the platform for more than 10 days. In compliance with laws, employers have to delete any candidate’s CV permanently after the expiration of this deadline, unless they explicitly obtained the candidate’s agreement.

Employers further agree to not misuse any content appearing on JobsForBrains. They may not copy or adapt the source code of JobsForBrains.

7. Disclaimer

In principle, the services of JobsForBrains are available around the clock 365 days a year. However, EPFL does not take responsibility for any temporary malfunctioning or unavailability of the site. Moreover, EPFL cannot be held responsible for any data loss caused by any failure, error, or improper use of the JobsForBrains-platform. EPFL does not provide any guarantee regarding the quality and the accuracy of the candidates’ profiles.

8. Law Applicable

Swiss laws apply. Place of jurisdiction is Lausanne, Switzerland.

V1.1, March 9, 2011

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